Minutes of Meting

In accordance to The General Mercantile Law (GML), corporations are obligated to celebrate a Stockholders Minutes of Meting, for each year concluded at least once a year, among the orders of the day the following should be included:

• Discuss, approve or modify the administrators inform, in accordance to article 172 of the GML, the corporation should also take into account the commissioners report as well as any measures proposed.

• If necessary name, new administrator, or board, as well as commissioners and

• Determined corresponding payment to administrators and commissioners, trough out the year when there where not stipulated in the companies minutes.

Also in accordance to article 86 fraction XX of The Income Tax Law, taxpayers who in accordance to article 32-A of the Federal Fiscal Code, are obligated to audit their financial statements, should inform their stockholder of their tax obligation compliance by means of a stockholders Minutes of meting.

As you can observe it is of vast importance, that the corporations comply with this obligation, thus we invite to revise this obligation in your corporation, and if you have any questions please contact any of our firms members who will gladly assist you.

We are at your service to attend any matter regarding the present, and should you require revise this matter specifically to your situation.


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