Money Laundering Law

On November 2012 a new anti-money laundering law was approved, which is intended to identify the resources (cash) or unjustifiable criminal business activities. According to analysis carried out within the Mexican government, there is a yearly movement within these operations, of approximately 50 billion dollars.

Under this new arrangement, established operations that may be vulnerable to oversight by the authorities, may be some the following:

Vulnerable Operations When to notify SAT authorities
• Gambling. $ 41,770.20 (645 vsm)
• Credit and Service Cards. $ 83,216.60 (1285 vsm)
• Travellers Checks. $ 41,770.20 (645 vsm)
• Mutual Operations. $ 103,939.80 (1605 vsm)
• Construction Developments. $ 519,699.00 (8025 vsm)
• Precious metals such as jewls etc. $ 103,939.80 (1605 vsm)
• Art Work. $ 311,819.40 (4815 vsm)
• New or used Vehicles $ 415,759.20 (6420 vsm)

Derived from the dates of adoption, publication and start of enforcement of this law, the authorities have until August 17, 2013 to issue the corresponding rules where procedures and ways to present relevant ads, as well as, the generally applicable rules.

We invite you to review any transaction in cash performed, preferably if located within the “vulnerable activities” described above which provide the tax authorities, and will surely be audited and if they do not comply with their obligations under this law and its regulations may be penalized.

We are at your service to attend any questions or doubts with regards to the present matter specifically in your company.


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