International Accounting Norm, NIF B-3 “Integral Financial Statements”

This new norm is effective for reporting years starting January 1, 2013, with retrospective effects, the main changes to this norm with regards to the previous are stated as follows:

It is established that the entity can choose to present one or two financial statements as follows:

a) When filing One financial statement: We must file In a single document, line items regarding net gain or loss, as well as other results, and for all the entities, and it should be filled under the name “Integral Financial Statement”.

b) When filing Two financial statement: The first financial statement should contain the net gain or loss and should be filing “Financial Statements”, and the second one should part from the net gain or loss concluded and present the other entities net gain or loss and well as other results under the name “Other Integral Financial Statements”.

It is established the other financial results should be filled next to the net gain or loss.

It is established that you should not file separately unordinary line items, in the financial statements or the notes

Precisions should be made with regards to the presentation on the Integral Financial Statement.

It is establish the line items “Other Income and Expenses” should not include operational items, this line, items should only include amounts not relevant to operations, and thus should not be filled separately

This Norm leaves without effect norm NIF B-3 “Financial Statements”, Bulleting B-4 “Integral result”, and ONIF 1 “Presentation or the net or gain profit for operation”.

We are at your service to attend any matter regarding the present, and should you require revise this matter specifically to your situation.


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