Do you have Foreign nationals working in your Company?

As any other country, it is very common for Corporations to move there talent from one country to another as it is needed, in the specific case of the Mexico- United States relation, it is very common to Corporations located in border towns of both countries, to cross their professionals such as technicians, mangers, as well any other personal, very often to work in Mexico.

To the matter, it is important to point out, that many of the times this happens whit out the proper permits or visas necessary to bring these professional across the border to work in Mexico, this can bring serious problems for both corporations as well as professionals, not having the necessary documents can result in penalties and fines for Corporations and possible deportation for the professional.

We invite you to revise your current situation, and analyze your current status, and evaluate the need to apply for the necessary visas or work permits such as FM3, FM2, FMT etc issued by the Mexican Government, please fell free to contact any of the partners of the firm who will gladly help with this situation.

We are at your service to attend any matter regarding the present, and should you require revise this matter specifically to your situation.


MSST Consulting, Limited Liability Partnership.

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