Ease of Doing Business Ranking

In the 2013 edition of this index, published recently, Mexico improved 5 positions over the previous year, from position 53 to 48 of a total of 185 countries assessed. Note that this is the fourth consecutive year in which Mexico has in the overall progress of this index. 48 of Mexico’s position puts him significantly above the BRIC countries: China (91), Russia (112), Brazil (130) and India (132).

The index of ease of doing business is done by the World Bank annually since 2003. This index measures ten indicators that have direct impact on the business environment of a country: Starting a Business, Building Permits, Getting Electricity, Property Registration, Getting Credit, Investor Protection, Payment of Taxes, Border Trade, Contract Compliance and Insolvency Resolution. For each of these indicators three variables are measured: number of procedures, costs and time required. Therefore, it is considered that this index using factual information about the efficiency of laws and regulations that allow a better functioning of the business environment in a country.

In the case of Mexico, the indicator of Starting a Business was the one that showed the biggest gain, from position 75 to 36. This improvement is due largely to the elimination of the minimum capital required to start a business, which previously was $ 50,000 pesos for a corporation and $ 3,000 pesos for a Limited Liability Company.

Just a month ago the World Economic Forum, another important international institution, published the Global Competitiveness Index. In it, Mexico also advanced 5 positions in the past year, and 13 positions in the last two, standing well in place 53 of 144 economies assessed.

The good performance of Mexico in these indices, developed by prestigious international institutions, is a reflection of the impact that public policies have had on the business climate and competitiveness.

Source: Ease of Doing Business rankings

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