MSST 2020-21 “Second resolution of modifications to the Miscellaneous Fiscal Resolution for 2020″

On July 27th, schedule 1A of the Second Resolution of Amendments to the Miscellaneous Fiscal Resolution for 2020 was published in the Official daily gazette. Among some of the changes published in Annex 1A are the following is the validity of the password:

  •  Password ‘renewal’ reference is added.
  • The SAT ID application is open to all individuals, not just employees.
  • The Password will be valid for 4 years, counting from the generation or last update made.
  • In the most relevant changes in the Second Resolution of modifications to the Miscellaneous Fiscal Resolution for 2020

The deadline for sending the year-end balance has been extended.
Individuals who are obliged to keep accounts and send them electronically to the SAT may send the adjusted year-end balance for the 2019 tax year no later than July 2020.
Enabling tax mailbox
With the change to the Forty-Seventh Transitory Article of the RMF 2020, it is established that taxpayers must enable the tax mailbox on the following dates:

  • Legal entities must provide the mailbox by 30 September 2020
  • Individuals on November 30, 2020.
  • Except individuals in the regime of assimilated to salaries with income equal to or greater than 3 million pesos (mdp) in the immediate previous year. Because for these taxpayers the deadline was July 15, 2020.

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