In the year 2022, the simplified confidence regime “Simplified Confidence Regime” (RESICO) will enter into force, which seeks to simplify the payment of taxes and the administration of these taxpayers, configuring itself as a gross income tax regime, no deductions, but with a maximum progressive rate of 2.5%.

Who can pay in this scheme?

Natural persons earning income of up to 3.5 million pesos, and when they only make:

  • Business activities
  • Professional activities
  • Grant the temporary use or enjoyment of godos

Who won’t be able to pay taxes in the regime? 

  • Who are partners, shareholders or members of legal entities or when they are related parties.
  • Persons residing abroad who have one or more permanent establishments in the country.
  • Those with income subject to preferential tax regimes.
  • Those who receive the income for concepts assimilated to wages, referred to in sections III, IV, V and VI of article 94 of this Law.

What is the progressive rate?

The scheme provides for a progressive tax rate to be applied on actual gross receipts, with a maximum tax rate of 2.5%.

The monthly fee is as follows:

Amount of revenue covered by tax vouchers actually collectedapplicable rate
Up to 25,000.001.00%
Up to 50,000.001.10%
Up to 83,333.331.50%
Up to 208,333.332.00%
Up to 3,500,000.002.50%


Let us remember that this scheme seeks to simplify the payment of the ISR, so that deductions will not be taken into account only the applicable fee mentioned above.

On the other hand, let us not lose sight of the VAT calculation, which has not changed at all, and therefore the VAT that can be deducted if it is taken into account to determine the VAT payable.


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